Prosthetic Feet

Seattle Kinetic

Impact Level
Low Medium and High Impact Scale Icon in BlackMedium
Weight Limit
2 years
Foot shell - 1 year

Key Features

Within the Seattle Kinetic range, this multi-axial foot is aimed at the moderate K2 activity user and is ideal for single-speed ambulators. This standard version in the Kinetic range has an integral female receiver and a flexible, full-length keel, which is integral to the foot shell.

The Kinetic can be set up with different ankle bumpers to suit the individual requirements of the user, allowing a soft heel strike, rapid progression to foot-flat and controlled progression to toe-off.

This foot is particularly appropriate for transfemoral as well as transtibial applications, with a wide weight range, from under 60kg up to 160kg.

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Features & Benefits

  • Multi-axial ankle within the foot shell
  • Composite keel
  • Five exchangeable bumper options through the foot shell using the Kinetic tooling kit
  • Excellent foot inversion/eversion and plantar flexion
  • Full-length flexible keel
  • Integral sandal toe cosmesis in two colour options
  • Integral female receiver
  • 160kg weight limit
  • Safe for occasional contact with water, but not intentional, frequent contact or submersion. After contact with salt or chlorinated water, feet should be rinsed/cleaned

Technical Information

Size (cm) Build Height (cm) Weight (g)
22-30 7 495

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