Prosthetic Feet


Impact Level
Low Medium and High Impact Scale Icon in BlackHigh
Weight Limit
18 months
Foot shell - 6 months

Key Features

The Runway foot offers an adjustable heel allowing the user to vary the heel height from a flat heel, for walking barefoot, up to a 50mm heel for dress shoes. Its anatomical gliding ankle maintains appropriate foot alignment to provide knee stability and consistent performance at all heel heights.

By incorporating carbon fibre layers that are tailored to an individual’s body weight and impact level, the Runway provides a customised product for superior comfort.

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Features & Benefits

  • Push button or Hex Key adjustment
  • Anatomical ‘gliding’ ankle design ensures that alignment remains consistent, for smooth gait at all heel heights
  • Carbon fibre design provides energy return
  • Available in 6 stiffness categories
  • Sandal toe foot shell as standard
  • Safe for occasional contact with water, but not intentional, frequent contact or submersion. After contact with salt or chlorinated water, feet should be rinsed/cleaned.

Technical Information

Size (cm) Build Height (cm) Weight (g)
22-25 9.8 690
26-28 10 792

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