Prosthetic Feet

Freedom Kinterra

Impact Level
Low Medium and High Impact Scale Icon in BlackMedium
Weight Limit
3 years
Foot shell - 6 months

Key Features

The Kinterra Foot / Ankle System combines hydraulics and carbon fibre technology to provide low to moderate impact K3 ambulators a much improved walking gait, even when negotiating slopes and undulating terrain.

The hydraulic ankle has 2° of dorsiflexion against a sprung bumper and 10° of planterflexion and subsequent dorsiflexion. The rate of yield of these can be adjusted individually to achieve the most effective and comfortable gait for the user when descending a slope and the carbon fibre keel provides a smoother transition when ascending a slope. The Dorsi-Assist spring improves ground clearance and eases the transition from a downhill ramp to level ground, with a reduced risk of catching the toe.

Provides the ideal combination when used with the Plié 3 microprocessor knee.

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MPK Package

Features & Benefits

  • Articulating ankle delivers reduced socket pressures for healthier residual limbs
  • Increased ground contact and a more symmetrical gait
  • Improved stability and safety, especially on slopes and varied terrain
  • Dorsi-Assist spring aids ground clearance in swing phase
  • Individual adjustment of dorsi and plantar flexion
  • Safe for occasional contact with water, but not intentional, frequent contact or submersion. After contact with salt or chlorinated water, feet should be rinsed/cleaned.
  • Part of the Steeper MPK Package

Technical Information

Size (cm) Build Height (cm) Weight (g)
22-25 12 795
26-28 12.1 897
29-31 12.4 992

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