Steeper Orthotics

Lumbar Support Braces

Spinal brace
Elasticated Lumbar Sacral Support, Sacro
Lumbar Support, Deep Elasticated Lumbar
Sacro Support, Thoraco Lumbar Support
Waist size 61 - 127cm

Key Features

Our full range of back and lumbar supports manage everything from back pain to osteoporosis and post-surgery support. The range is manufactured from highly ventilated mesh providing increased comfort for the patient.

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Patient Information:

Sacro Lumbar Support

Elasticated Lumbar Sacral Support

Deep Elasticated Lumbar Sacro Support

Thoraco Lumbar Support

Features & Benefits

  • Made from a ventilated mesh with posterior shaped stays for greater support 
  • Adjustable touch and close fastening allows the patient to obtain optimum fit 
  • Elasticated double straps for additional support and improved fit
  • Highly ventilated elastic back panel with two removable shaped stays for increased support