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Contender™ Universal Post-op Knee Brace

Knee brace

Key Features

The Contender Post-op Knee Brace features a simple adjustment system to minimise fit time after surgery, and at 765g, it is one of the lightest braces on the market. The X-Flex™ Cuff System flexes to hug the leg, significantly reducing brace migration. The Contender Post-op Knee Brace offers the latest in knee brace technology such as multi-telescoping cuffs, user-friendly buckles and critical suspension systems. 

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Features & Benefits

  • QuikZip™ buckles allow for easy application and micro adjustment of the strap for a secure fit
  • The hinge features a six position Drop-Lock that fixes the brace from -10° to 40° in 10° increments. Controlled range of motion is available from -10° to 110° and is easily set using flexion and extension finger touch buttons
  • Length adjustable 45.7cm - 66cm and fits up to 86.4cm thigh circumference. Measurement taken from leg circumference 15.2cm above mid patella