Ankle and Foot


Weight Limit
100kg per system

Key Features

Build in adjustable range of motion and contracture management with the RevoFlex™, which can be used to easily dial in a specific range of motion on AFO's. Through dialing in progressive tension levels, it allows a patient's mobility to be progressed safely and independently, whilst allowing muscle development by reducing device dependence.

The 4:1 mechanical advantage Boa® dial provides smooth and predictable movement, particularly useful for patients with limited strength and/or dexterity when positioning the brace. 

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Features & Benefits

  • The same kit can be used on both paediatric or adult patients
  • Uses 1m of abrasion-resistant spectra lace
  • Specialised heat-safe tubing
  • Customisable kit that can be used for contracture management or range of motion management
  • Standard double crossing design suitable for patients up to 100kg. For patients exceeding 100kg a second lace crossing can be employed to increase system strength