Orthotic Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure you stay comfortable and safe when wearing an orthosis, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. The answers below provide guidance on what you can expect from your device and general care advice. However, as every patient's needs are unique, please ensure you follow the advice and instructions provided to you by your orthotist and care provider. 

Patient-Centred Care

We understand the difficulties that some patients may have when it comes to their orthotic care. That is why we believe in putting patients at the centre of our service and being involved in the planning and delivery of their care and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have I been given an orthosis? 
Your orthotist will have prescribed an orthosis to you and should have outlined the reasons for the device, and how it will assist you.

Who else can wear my orthosis?
Your orthosis has been customised for you to provide support at the level that you need. Your orthosis must not be worn by anyone else.

Does my orthosis need any maintenance? 
All orthotic devices, from footwear to neck collars require regular checks by you to assess them for signs of wear or abrasion, to keep you safe and mobile. For care and cleaning instructions for your device, click here for our orthotics products section for the appropriate care leaflet.


How often should I wear my orthosis and how long do I need it for? 
This depends on the type of orthosis and the treatment prescribed to you by your orthotist. You will need to speak to your orthotist regarding this as all orthotic devices are very different and have various functions. 

What do I do if my device starts to hurt? 
Immediately contact the orthotic department where you received your orthosis. They will advise you on the next action to take. 

Do I need to visit the orthotic department again? 
Reviews with your orthotist are a regular part of the orthotic treatment process. Depending on the device, reviews may be monthly, bi-monthly or annually and take place at the orthotic department. 

The above FAQs are for guidance only. If you are experiencing problems with your orthosis please contact your orthotist and rehabilitation service immediately who will be able to clinically assess your needs and provide tailored advice.