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GewaTel 200 Phone

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Communication Device
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Key Features

Offering a wide selection of telephones with varied functionalities and design, we have a variety of phones to suit all requirements. Our range includes everything from large display buttons, to loud speaking devices, all the way to intelligent systems that are fully compatible with our range of home control systems. All Steeper telephone systems help our users to use their phone safely and remain connected to their wider support network.

One of our most common telephones is the GewaTel 200 Phone - a loud speaking telephone with built-in infrared technology allowing users to make and recieve telephone calls via a remote control. The easy-to-program telephone provides superb sound quality with full duplex functionality thanks to the unique Omnisound technology.

Home Control Booklet

Features & Benefits

  • Superb sound quality with full duplex functionality, thanks to the unique Omnisound™ technology
  • Auto-reply facility
  • External earpiece can be used for privacy
  • Extra microphone can be used for users with weak voices
  • Wall-mounting facility
  • Configuration settings can be tailored to each user, meaning that commonly-dialled numbers can be installed on the device and shortcuts customised to the user's preferences
  • Up to 500 numbers can be stored
  • Compatible with the internal network to allow for room-to-room calling