Mounting System

Mounting System

Installation Procedure
Mobilia, Rehadapt, Daessy

Key Features

A wide range of mounting systems are available from Steeper, and some of our most popular include the Mobilian, the Rehadapt, and the Daessy. However for custom requirements, our engineers have the ability to custom modify mounts suitable for any use, and are best placed to advise on the most suitable ways of helping all our clients being able to use their devices correctly, easily and safely. 

Mobilia offers a full range of mounting solutions that are adjustable for various conditions. A range of interconnected clamps, poles and brackets are used to attach accessories to wheelchairs, chairs, bed frames, tables and walls. Components that adjust, do so by operating hand wheels.

Rehadapt mounting systems offer wheelchair mounting, floor stands, table clamps and table stands. All the joints are flexible, strong and easily adjustable with a ratchet style handle.

Daessy mounting systems are component-based, fully customisable systems tailored for each user and come with unlimited mounting configurations. The core elements include wheelchair mounts, desk mounts, and rolling mounts. However, components can be purchased individually to build sturdy and adjustable structures for mounting items on surfaces around the home. 

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Features & Benefits

A wide range of features are available within each mount, options include:
  • Rigid mount
  • Folding mount
  • Swing aside mount
  • Positioner mount
  • Locking swing away mount
  • Rear folding mount
  • Lockable rear folding mount
  • Desk mounts
  • Floor stands
For more information on custom mounting, please contact our friendly team today on +44 (0) 113 207 0449 or email