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Window Master

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Home Control
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Window Master

Key Features

In the home, being able to open and close windows easily and safely provides users with increased control of their immediate environment. For many clients, the ability to remotely control out of reach windows means that they are able to ensure they are comfortable and safe within their own home. 

Windows that are difficult to operate or are out of reach can be opened and closed easily and safely with infrared or radio control. Window Master can be used for windows in many rooms and conservatories, enabling control throughout the home. Imagine being in a room when the temperature drops and being unable to close a window without calling for assistance. With Steeper advanced controls, windows can be opened and closed at the touch of a button, helping our clients to maintain an element of independence. 

Home Control Booklet

Features & Benefits

  • Safely open and close windows without assistance
  • Compatible with our full range of environmental control devices

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