Home Control

Gilgen FD20

Device Type
Home Control
Installation Procedure
Operating Method
Fob, Wall Switch,
Reader, Environmental Control
Gilgen Door Systems

Key Features

The Gilgen FD20 is a powerful and silent-running swing door that automatically opens and closes internal doors and large, heavy externally facing doors with ease. With inherent strength and Swiss build quality, the versatile drive system enables smooth, contactless and hygienic automatic access, making doors significantly easier to operate.

Door Opener Package     Mechanism Control

Home Control Booklet

Features & Benefits

  • High-quality cover ensuring a discreet and polished appearance
  • Silent system to minimise disturbance
  • Easily operates doors up to 250kg
  • Handles wind loads up to 50mph making it ideal for externally facing doors
  • Certified for use on fire doors with safety sensors

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