Environmental Control


Device Type
Environmental Control
Installation Procedure
Operating Method
Buttons or external switch
Control System
Infared, Z-Wave Radio

Key Features

GEWA One is a remote control that helps users manage appliances in their own homes.

The GEWA One can manage multiple devices including; TV, music system, lamps, recliner chairs, profiling beds, door and window openers. By inserting a SIM card, the GEWA One also works as a mobile phone enabling the user to keep in touch with friends, family and quickly reach a carer through either a call or text message.

For ease of use, the user can choose whether to control the device through the touch screen or navigate with an external switch and the specially designed symbols, colours and voice recordings can assist the user in quickly finding the right button.

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Features & Benefits

  • The GEWA One is easy to install and customise as the entire process is completed on the myAbilia web portal. 
  • Users only need to tap the screen lightly to activate a button and the GEWA One can utilise larger buttons for a greater target area.
  • If the user desires they can use a variety of external switches, where each button is highlighted in turn on the screen until the one needed is recognised, upon which the user presses the switch again to select the button. 
  • Symbols, different colours and recorded speech on the buttons can be easily programmed and the number of buttons that a page displays can be customised.
  • The GEWA One is easy to use and can be comfortably mounted to provide easy access. 
  • The GEWA One is suitable for a wide range of users including; those who have difficulties with operating a conventional remote control due to motor/cognitive/visual disabilities. Those who have difficulties with operating a conventional smartphone or don’t want to use their smartphone for environmental control. Those who need to be able to use their remote control sitting in a wheelchair or lying in bed and those who don’t like to be dependent on people in their environment.