Environmental Control

Gewa Maxi

Device Type
Environmental Control
Installation Procedure
Operating Method
Control System

Key Features

This device is an infrared learning remote control that can copy functions from other remotes such as TV's and DVD's. The Gewa Maxi can be configured with sixteen functions for sixteen large easy to see buttons that can be customised to display text or images.

An integrated keyguard and anti tremor filter assist with locating keys making this device suitable for people with symptoms of ataxia and loss of hand-eye coordination, or for those who need a large simple remote. Functions can be activated via single low-pressure button selection and includes vibration or audible confirmation bleeps after activation.

Features & Benefits

  • Can be programmed with 16 functions
  • Large, easy to press buttons
  • Includes anti tremor filter and keyguard
  • Audible bleep or vibration confirmation alerts
  • Standalone device
  • Easily control home appliances via single button selection
  • System uses infrared signals to send commands to appliances