Environmental Control

Control Medi Easy & Medi Standard

Device Type
Environmental Control
Installation Procedure
Operating Method
Control System

Key Features

This compact handheld remote device is designed for clients with restricted mobility and cognitive disabilities. Providing simple infrared operation of home appliances such as lamps, fans, TV's, telephones or door intercoms, the Control Medi easily stores codes from other remote controls with an option to customise button labels and functions.

This handy and easy to use device comes with the option of two or four buttons for the Medi Easy, and eight buttons for the Medi Standard. The Control Medi can store up to twenty eight environmental control functions with confirmation signals that can be set to notify the user when buttons are pressed. This alert is made in the form of vibrations, lights or sounds depending on the user's specific needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Option of two, four or eight buttons
  • Up to 28 environmental control functions
  • System uses infrared to send signals between devices
  • Low pressure force with vibration on key press
  • Key guard for those with limited dexterity
  • Stores code from most remotes
  • Battery powered with standard AAA alkaline batteries
  • Audible low battery warning
  • Free overlay design wizard via internet portal