Eye Tracker

Lumin-i by Smartbox

Device Type
Communication Device
Installation Procedure
Operating Method
Eye Gaze

Key Features

The Lumin-i is the first eye tracker for AAC that is powered by Smart Eye, a global leader in eye tracking technology for the automotive, aerospace and research sectors, providing increased accuracy and responsiveness. Key features include a large track box that tolerates a wide range of head movements and positions, a unique anti-reflective setting for users who wear corrective glasses with coatings or filters, and a bespoke built-in camera unit that transforms the Grid Pad 12 and Grid Pad 15 communication aids into robust and dedicated eye gaze devices.

Features & Benefits

  • Developed with Smart Eye technology
  • Optimised for Grid 3 AAC software
  • Incredibly responsive 60Hz tracking 
  • Operating distance of 45-85cm 
  • High powered IR emitters for outdoor use
  • Tolerates a wide range of head movements and positions
  • Designed for a variety of eye colours and conditions
  • Developed to work in any lighting conditions, making it suitable for use both indoors and outdoors
  • Unique anti-reflection mode  
Seamless Tracking


Technical Information

 Sampling rate 60Hz 
Tracking box 35 x 30 x 65cm distance
Operating distance 45 - 85 cm 
Accuracy 0.5 degrees
Precision 0.1 degress 
Blink recovery time 1 frame 
Gaze recovery time 1 frame 
Latency 25 ms from camera exposure
Eye tracking principle Dark pupil and corneal reflection
Maximum screen size 24" (16:9 aspect ration)
Operating system Windows 10
Output data Gaze point, pupil diameter, time stamp. All outputs as bonicular data with associated quality index.
Compatible Communication Devices

The Lumin-i Eye Tracker has been specifically designed for use with AAC software from Smartbox.

Grid Pad 12
The mid-sized Grid Pad Pro features an extra-long battery life of 15 hours (10 hours with eye gaze). Built around a rugged 12.5" tablet that runs Windows 10 Pro, Grid 3 performs quickly thanks to the powerful i5 intel processor. Turn your device into an integrated eye gaze device with the custom camera unit.

Grid Pad 15
The largest Grid Pad has many of the same elements as the Grid Pad 12, but this new version includes two stand-out features: the Grid Pad 15 has a second rear-facing display that allows users to communicate more effectively in noisy environments. It also has an integrated microbial casing and screen to aid those who are more susceptible to infection. Turn your device into an integrated eye gaze device with the custom camera unit.