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IP Video Door Intercom

Device Type
Communication Device
Installation Procedure
Operating Method
Environmental Control Device
Control System

Key Features

This highly durable IP video door intercom system is equipped with an HD camera and advanced echo-cancelling audio that provides excellent audibility in all conditions. Using your evo+ or Gewa Connect environmental control device, you can access live video and audio feeds to view your entrance and communicate with visitors.

Configured via a remote cloud, allowing you to quickly and easily update or maintain settings from any desktop or mobile device. This system is also capable of connecting to additional equipment such as electric locks and door openers. 

For additional safety and security in your home, this intercom system has an integrated tamper switch, alerting you to any unauthorised device intrusions.

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Features & Benefits

  • Fully integrated with evo+ environmental control
  • Equipped with an HD camera
  • High quality audio with echo-cancellation
  • Includes tamper switch
  • Can be used with the evo+ and Gewa Connect apps
  • Configured via a remote cloud
  • Includes integrated tamper switch for added security