28 Oct

Maureen Williams' Case Study

Maureen Williams' Case Study Maureen Williams' Case Study

The story
Young at heart, Maureen was looking forward to spending her retirement years taking up new hobbies and enjoying time with her grandchildren. Sadly, Maureen’s health quickly deteriorated and her arthritis got progressively worse over the years. Still living in her own home, Maureen was facing daily challenges when wanting to complete the simplest of tasks. Her arthritis meant that getting out of her chair to turn a light on, or answer the door meant she was struggling more and more and began to feel that her house was a burden. Wanting to keep her independence and not wanting to leave the happy memories of her family home, Maureen’s family helped her to get into contact with Steeper and arrange for an assessment to be carried out free of charge at her home.

The solution
Soon after her assessment with a Steeper engineer, Maureen chose to have the Steeper evoassist application installed. evoassist is an innovative application that transforms an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a universal environmental control device. Working with the latest Apple technology, evoassist is designed to integrate seamlessly with Steeper’s comprehensive range of home automation systems and return a level of independence to its users. Maureen is now able to facilitate a large range of everyday tasks from; answering telephones and opening curtains to raising alarms and unlocking the door all from her iPhone, giving her the independence that she wanted.

The turning point
The first time that Maureen turned the light on from her iPhone, she felt like she had been given a newfound freedom. Having the capability of controlling her own home from a device that she is already familiar with meant that Maureen has quickly and easily grasped the evoassist technology. On reflection, she wonders how she ever coped before, “now I no longer have to worry about the little things if my arthritis is bad. I can turn the TV on, turn the light on and off and answer the door to my carer all from the comfort of my armchair.

Maureen's Case Study