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The Espire™ Elbow by Steeper Group

The Espire™ Elbow by Steeper Group The Espire™ Elbow by Steeper Group The Espire™ Elbow by Steeper Group
The people behind the Espire Elbow

For the last 100 years, Steeper has built a global support system, this established network has enabled us to provide the latest innovations to patients and customers around the world. Our global epicentre is in Leeds, in the UK, and it is primarily here that, over the last six months, the team at Steeper Group have been trained extensively on the Espire Elbow and accompanying accessories. The teams are all fully ready to welcome the range into our upper limb portfolio and manufacture, distribute and provide the services necessary to meet our customer's demand. To find out more about what our teams have been doing behind the scenes, please click here

Paul Steeper, CEO of Steeper Group said, “We are thrilled that the Espire Elbow range is now part of the Steeper Upper Limb Portfolio. Our teams have been working harder than ever to ensure a smooth transition, and we look forward to delivering outstanding service and expertise to our distributors around the world as we continue to develop the Espire Elbow range.” 

For our USA customers, SteeperUSA have an expert team of clinical, technical and support members available to help guide you through the Espire range. They are on hand throughout the day to answer your questions and provide the expertise that you are already accustomed to and familiar with. 

Despite the current pandemic our teams are continuously working to provide the expert level of service that you require. For further information on the Espire Elbow or to request a demonstration, please contact customerservices@steepergroup.com and we will be happy to assist with your enquiry. 
The technology behind the Espire Elbow

With an emphasis on function and design, the Espire Elbow range by Steeper are easy-to-use and anatomically correct prosthetic elbows which can be programmed to fit individual needs. The Espire is available in five models, each side-specific, a range of colours and two size options. From lightweight, mechanical models to myoelectric, powered joints - each elbow has the same reliable functionality and sleek design. 

After extensive research, a design was created that blends technology with humanity to appeal to a wide range of users across the globe. The Espire Elbow is engineered to emulate the anatomical forearm and wrist, with even weight distribution and ensuring the arm looks natural in a comfortable resting position.

The innovative gear box of the Espire Pro enables a high lift and hold capacity allowing users to confidently hold 11kg, and dynamically lift 4kg to perform everyday tasks with ease. The Pro uses a custom 50W brushless DC motor, which provides the speed and torque needed to flex and extend the elbow. The strategic placement of the gearbox in the elbow joint provides maximum comfort, balance, and control of the limb. It automatically locks in both directions, achieving reliable confidence with elbow movement and positioning, and also features an electronic, silent free-swing. The free-swing is engaged automatically when the elbow reaches full extension - a feature that can also be activated using alternative inputs such as myo signals or switches set up via the Espire Hub App for iPad.

To find out more about the Espire Elbow range, click here or watch our product video below. 
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