Steeper Brexit Preparations

As a company we always have the interests of our customers, partners and patients at the forefront of our minds and take very seriously any events that may impact upon the products or service we provide.

We have of course been preparing for the imminent changes associated with Brexit, and with this in mind and wherever possible have taken pragmatic steps to ensure our service levels will be maintained after these changes come into effect. These steps include:


  • Engaging with our delivery service partners to, as far as is possible, ensure all documentation and declarations required for the import/export of goods to or from the EU is in place.
  • Working closely with our European suppliers to also ensure they have taken steps to secure their supply chain and import/export documentation.
  • Where possible, and for key stock materials, we have increased our stock holding


Unfortunately, it is not possible to predict or control every possible eventuality and where this is the case, we undertake to do our utmost to ensure any disruption to the normal level of service is minimised and that any of our customers, partners and patients that may be impacted are kept informed.

Statement last updated: 24 December 2020